Anim8or Movies on YouTube:

Here are a few movies posted on YouTube made by Anim8or users that show some of it's capabilities not to mention their great talents.

The Seed That Turned

This is one of the best movies I've seen that was made with Anim8or. The animation and music was all made by the very talented and hard working New Zealander johnar. You may recognise his style from the "Easy Eyes" tutorial/movie on the movies page.

(5:56, sound))

Aspirations of Altitude

Ensoniq5 made this delightful animation for his winning entry into the contest. I wonder what Eraser Man is thinking?

(3:24, sound))


Enter into the strange cartoon world of Duffy and see what's there! ddi7d4d has made several Duffy adventures waiting for you to enjoy.

(1:38, sound))


You'll enjoy the haunting soundtrack of headwax's entry in a contest for the old web site.

(5:02), sound))

Mal visits Issac Newton Exhibition

Here's another entertaining work from johnar. Be careful what you do when you visit the science museum!

(1:52, sound))

Pink Froyd

Yes another johnar video. This is a classic rock video with music and animation by johnar.

(3:23, sound))

Anim8or Tutorials on YouTube:

Easy Walk

Here's an entertaining tutorial on animating a walk cycle. It's fun to watch even if you don't ever need to animate anything! By johnar (if you haven't figured that out already).

(4:37, sound)