Anim8or Movies:

Here are a few movies made by Anim8or users that show some of it's capabilities not to mention their great talents.

Easy Eyes

This clever animation is both humorous as well as a good tutorial in animating eyes. See if you can help our hero, shown at the left, out of his predicament! Your instructor and director for this film is johnar.

(2:40, 6.3 MB, sound)

A Moment With Shaggy Eddie

This sound track for the short clip is from the very talented comedian Eddy Cantor made in 1923. It was animated by animohn. It has good lip sync with and great hand gestures.

(0:27, 913 KB, sound)

Crazy Trousers

These animated blue jeans have a life all their own. But watch out for the wind! Animated by Baffo Mittikko.

(1:40, 6.2 MB, sound)

Nine to One

Ahh, work is so much fun, especially when you're busy. Watch this film by Eric Huang and learn how to cope in the real world.

(1:30, 4.2 MB, sound)

Mais ou vont-ils? (Where are they Going?)

Where are they going? Will they make it in time? What will they do when they get there? Watch this adventure by Francois Vaujour and find out!

(3:04, 4.0 MB, sound, French w/ English subtitles)

Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball is a collaborative effort by several Anim8or users. Follow the sometimes bouncing ball and see what your fellow Anim8ors have made! This project was coordinated by Syziph.

(2:56, 7.0 MB, sound)