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My name is Steve Glanville. I work as a software engineer for NVIDIA, where I help write device drivers for OpenGL. In a previous life I was a compiler writer, and founder of Silicon Valley Software. But I couldn't stay away from 3D graphics, particularly character animation. So I figured out what it was all about by reading some books, going to SIGGRAPH, writing little graphics thingies, and taking a few Animation classes at nearby DeAnza Junior College. There I made friends worked with some really talented artists. It wasn't hard to see that I was better at writing code than being creative. So that's what I did.

Skip forward a couple of years and you have Anim8or. It's a work-in-progress, and I suppose it always will be. Please let me know of any problems, or new things that you might like to see added. I hope that Anim8or can be of some value to you in pursuing your life's dreams.



R. Steven Glanville

Hard at work with my two assistants,
Winchester and Colby