Anim8or Tutorials:
These tutorials are designed to show you how to use Anim8or, whether you are a beginner or an experienced 3D animator.  You will find that many techniques are similar to those used in other programs.  But 3d animation is an inherently complex endeavor.  And minor differences between different programs can be a source of frustration.  I hope that these tutorials may be of some use to you.
I strongly suggest that you work through the Eggplant tutorial, especially if you are new Cs is designed to introduce you to the concepts of 3D modeling, and especially to how Anim8or modeling works.  For an introduction to animation, you should do the A Simple Walk tutorial.
At the bottom of this page is a list of links to  other sites with Anim8or tutorials/
How to Make An Eggplant
I've had several request to describe how I made the "eggplant" at SIGGRAPH that was made into a real world statue.  Well, it's done with a simple variation on the block method which starts with a cube and extrudes and warps its faces.  Click here to learn more.

Also see the flash animated version of this tutorial below in the "Links to Other Sites" area.
Modeling a Hand
This model of a hand was also built using the block modeling method.  Take a look at the tutorial to see how you can make one yourself.
A Simple Walk
This is an example of how to make a simple walk cycle.  There are three parts, in case you want to skip around.  It shows how to design a basic character, animate a walk cycle for it, and finally make a short .avi movie of it walking.  It's not too fancy, but it shows how to use several parts of Anim8or.  Click here to see how.

Tutorials by Anim8or Users:
Here are some tutorials created by some talented Anim8or users:
Lighting Effects
This tutorial by Laszlo Korosi shows some cool lighting effects that you can do entirely in Anim8or, including glows, star bursts and atmospheric effects.  There are some cool animated images to see, too. Click here to learn more.
Interior Lighting Effects
Another excellent tutorial by Laszlo Korosi shows step by step how to do realistic interior lighting.  Click here to learn more.
This tutorial by Laszlo Korosi shows how to add shadows to your projects.  Shadows increase the realism dramatically,  Click here to learn more.
Springs and Coils
Learn to make springs and coils and other curly things.  Lloyd Shoenbach's latest contribution shows how to use Anim8or to make them all.  Click here and see for yourself.
Tires and Jet Engines
This tutorial shows how to make tires, dragster tires, and simple jet engines.  It was written by Duane McCollough who has a web sit at www.npwt.net/~duanem/.  Click here to learn how.
Want to learn how to make images with reflections?  These notes by Lloyd Shoenbach show how to use Anim8or and Paint Shop Pro to create reflections on flat surfaces.  Click here to learn how.
Toon Rendering Notes
Want a quick way to make your models into toons?  Check out this simple technique here described by the very talented jeb.  It's based on an idea by donkeyslayer.
Animated Writing Notes
Have you ever wanted to animate a pencil writing a message?  Then take a look here at this inventive scheme devised by jeb.
Focal Blur
Laszlo Korosi has another tutorial showing how to make a focal blur effect using Anim8or and Paint Shop Professional. It's not true focal blur, but it's quite effective and uses Anim8or in some clever ways.  Click here to learn more.
Focal Blur (2)

Steve McQueen also has written a tutorial showing how to make a focal blur effect using Anim8or and Paint Shop Professional. It uses the Render Depth Channel feature that was added in v0.85.  Click here to learn more.

Boolean Subtraction

Laszlo Korosi wrote another great tutorial on Boolean subtraction.  You can use one object to carve out a section of another with this useful technique.

Morph Targets

VBSmiles wrote this tutorial on using morph targets to make a flag wave in the breeze.  If you want to learn how they work this is the place to go.

Links to Anim8or Tutorials:
These are links to Anim8or tutorials on other web sites.  If you know of any others that you think I should include here, let me know.
Eyeball Tutorial
This detailed tutorial shows you how model and animate a realistic human eye with Anim8or.  It was written by Andrew F. (headwax) 
Shadow Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to use the various kinds of shadows that Anim8or offers.  It was written by Adam M. (Hihosilver) 
Modeling a Sword

Adam M. (Hihosilver) also wrote this tutorial on modeling a sword.
Box Modeling a Bird Head
This tutorial shows how to model a bird head using Box Modeling.  It shows how to add new edges and merge vertices.

This tutorial was written by Elias Marzan.  They are from his web site which has many other Anim8or related items.

Simple Texture Mapping
Learn how to make a custom texture that fits your models using Paint Shop Pro in this tutorial.  Another tutorial by Elias.
Poser4 Morph Targets
Steve Shanks from Poser World has a tutorial on making morph targets for Poser 4 figures with Anim8or and UVmaper, an excellent free program written bhttp://www.geocities.com/elimar48/tutorials.htmly Steve Cox.  (Wow, that's a lot of Steves!)

Links to Other Sites with Anim8or Tutorials:
These are links to Anim8or tutorials on other web sites.  If you know of any others that you think I should include here, let me know.
Elmar48 wrote quite a few tutorials for earlier versions of Anim8or that are still very useful:  http://www.geocities.com/elimar48/tutorials.html
Here is a flash tutorial that give step by step instructions for using Anim8or.  It comes in two
parts:  Getting Started Part 1 and Getting Started Part 2
  Its probably best to do part 1 befoer you do part 2.
Nigel has made a flash animation of the Eggplant Tutorual.  You can see visually how it done with thess nifty movies.  It comes in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 .
MP3D has a great collection of Anim8or tutorials.
Lycos wrote a bunch of good Anim8or tutorials on various topics, including box modeling and making a low poly head.

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