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Paul made this greyhound model and run cycle in Anim8or.  Here's what he said about modeling it:

I find Anim8or the easiest modeller to use. I built the greyhound by going around the outline with point to point vertices. This made a flat greyhound shape. Then I filled, and extruded flat image, I reduced many extrusion each time to make the sides curved. I then patientely shaped some of the extrusions by moving vertices inwards, and outwards. I then made just two legs, and 1 ear, and cut the model in half, then mirrored it. The Greyhound model was
then UV mapped in Lithunwrap using just a simple planar UV Map. I made the animation by watching Greyhound races on TV, and had to try to put it together from memory. Your IK, and Keyframes did a lot of the work for me. I am still improving the animation, and parts of the rear end of the model. I am hoping to make a game from this model shortly.

Author: "Paul"

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