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"GM Staghound"

"This is a GM Staghound which was part of the Canadian Army in WWII.  It was used by Commonwealth armies (Canada, Australia, etc.)  Made by General Motors in the 1940's.  My late father drove this vehicle and was a gunner as well.  It had a crew of 5.  The markings are those of the Canadian Army 12th Manitoba Dragoons."

Dennis modeled this fabulous tank in Anim8or 0.85 and rendered it in Poser. All the parts are movable in Poser.   All the models he makes are made in Anim8or, rendered in Poser and used in his own comics.  He has made planes, an air craft carrier Mars Rover, and many more.  He's been using Anim8or since 2002.

Author: "Dennis Tracy"

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