Anim8or V0.95 Beta
About a Beta Version
The fourth and final beta version of Anim8or v0.95 is ready for downloading.  That means it is in a period of public testing.  It has not been fully QA'd and there will likely be problems.  There may be updated beta versions posted as problems are found and fixed.  Once I feel things are stable enough I'll release the "official" v0.95 through the main download page.

This beta is planed to be very short, perhaps just a week.  So check it out it as soon as you can!

Beta 4 and has fixed a few more bugs, notably #095-002 and #095-018 which caused computer with earlier graphics cards to crash.  There are a few minor changes to the scripting language that will require some scripts to be updated.  There are also some new functions and error reporting is cleaner.

Bugs fixed:
  • #095-002 - HW Acceleration = None Fails on ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000/9100 IGP.
  • #095-018 - Various Crashes for Non DX9 Cards.
  • #095-028 - Script Dependencies Can Report Erroneous Circular References
  • #095-029 - Object Export to .obj and .c Format Doesn't Rotate Normals.
  • #095-030 - Extrude Along Path Ignores Spline's Pivot.
  • #095-031 - Scale Tool in Point Edit Mode can Crash.
  • #095-032 - Plug-in Mesh Scripts Can File To Load in Scenes.
  • #095-033 - Deleting All Keys Locks Camera.
As mentioned above, there is one known incompatibility between this and the previous version.  Parameteric plug-in scripts no longer allocate their return mesh.  It is allocated by Anim8or and passed into the script in the variable specified for the return value.  To update existing scripts all that is needed is to remove the initial allocation of the mesh.

Also this shader problem hasn't yet been fixed:
  • #095-017 - Incorrect Environment Map Reflection Calculation by Shaders.
If you are a new Anim8or user then you probably should not be using this version.  Naive questions and incorrect problem reports will not help the beta process.

If you want to try it out to see how the new features work then this is the version for you.  But you should be aware that it is likely less stable than a released version.  Don't use it for important projects unless you're prepared to redo your work should something happen.

You should also visit the Anim8or v0.95 Beta forum.  This is where you will find the latest information on problems and give your feedback.

I plan to try something a little different this release.  Some of the new features, particularly to scripting language, are not yet complete for the first beta.  Once the current portion is fairly well tested I'll add more.  This way I can start the beta period sooner and make changes based on your feedback easier.

There aren't many new features by count in this version but it has the foundations for some exciting additions in the near future.

Note:  The scripting language documentation isn't ready yet.  But I'm going to be out of town for most of the next four weeks and wanted to get this version out before I left.  I'll finish the language specification when I return, promise!

Have fun!


October 21, 2006

New Features in v0.95
The major focus for this release was filling in the remaining missing functionality that I had envisioned for the elusive v1.0.  It still not quite there, most notably sue to a lack of a ray tracer, but even that is mostly written. It will be comming on line soon after v0.95 is released. The main new features include:

  • Shaders for the working views. Using shaders your materials will look much closer to their final appearance in the working views. You need a DX9 level (shader model 2.0 or higher) graphics card to use this feature.
  • Simultaneous wireframe and solid views in different editing windows.
  • Anim8or has a built in scripting language. You can use it to automate common tasks, and create controllers with new behavior.
  • You can add new functionality to Anim8or with plug-ins for Object export, Parameteric Shapes, and modeling commands. Plug-ins are written in Anim8or's scripting language.
  • Fast rendering of movies.  You can make still images and .avi movies using the OpenGL hardware on your graphics card. It's not quite as good as a final render but it's a hundred times faster.
  • Wireframe rendering to images and movies. This also uses the OpenGL rendering hardware.

V0.95 should be able to read previous versions of .an8 files. Though the opposite is not entirely possible, it generally should work especially for the most recent releases. Newly
added features will be ignored, of course, but shouldn't cause other problems.

Download Beta Executable
This fourth version of the 0.95 beta dated October 21, 2006 is ready. Get a copy here:   The list of bugs is getting shorter and most of the major ones should be fixed.  As usual for more details on these and the current status of fixed bugs see the "Current Bug List" link shown down the page.  I haven't listed many smaller problems here but I've fixed quite a few.  Don't think your bug reports are being ignored if they aren't in the bug list.  I'm just sometimes lazy about writing everything down.

Beta 1 fixed these problems from the v0.9 bug list (plus more that I forgot to write down whn I fixed them):

I'll be adding a newer versions as probelms are fixed.  They'll be shown here when they are available.

The first beta dated May 31, 2006 is still available here if you need it:

The second beta dated July 4, 2006 is still available here if you need it:

The third beta dated September 10, 2006 is here if you need it:

V0.95 Beta User Manual
The manual for v0.95 is no longer available. Here is the link to the current manual: v0.98 Manual

Anim8or Scripting Language Specification
I'm just now writing the spec for the scripting language.  I'll post it here when I have something useful.  In the mean time you can download some of the sample scripts from here:

If you are an experienced programmer you can probably figure a lot of it out from these examples.  Please don't ask anything about the language until I've posted the spec.

Current Bug List
A current bug list can be found here v0.95_bugs.txt  I'll try and keep it current so you know what's happening.

Reporting Problems
In order to keep the beta forum useful to everyone, please take the following steps before you post:

1. Limit your posts to v0.95 problems.  No wish lists, and no pictures unless they are in support of a problem or question on how a new feature works.  You can post pictures as you normally do in the Works In Progress and Finished Works forum.
2. Read through the other posts.  Read through the current big list.  If your problem is already posted and you don't have anything new to add, don't reply.
3. If you don't understand how Anim8or v0.9 works, you probably shouldn't be posting in the v0.95 beta forum.
4. When you post a new problem topic you should:
a) Use a meaningful title.  Titles like "Question?", "Help!", "Big Crash!" are not meaningful.
b) If it's reporting a problem, give a detailed description of what the problem is and how to reproduce it.
c) If it's a question on a new feature be as precise as you can.
d) Don't reply about a different topic besides the one the thread is about.
e) If you have some unique feedback on v0.95 you can also post it here.
f) Use proper English sentences.  Cutsie abbreviations are too ambiguous and aren't nearly as helpful when I'm trying to understand what you've said.

With these rules in mind if you think you found a problem or have a question the place to post is the Anim8or v0.95 Beta forum.  Don't ask for help with v0.95 in the other forums.

This page was last updated on October 21, 2006.
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